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Our Mission

TradeOldPhone.com is your best option for making a profit on a product you may think is already completely useless. Nowadays, it is increasingly common to change phone models without damaging the phone, with the sole intention of keeping you on the cutting edge of mobile equipment. This is a quite expensive lifestyle as it involves a constant expense in updating the equipment, and does not leave you many options. We have evaluated the market and, since we know how difficult it can be to find a buyer for your used phone, we have decided to become that buyer.

We accept all kinds of models, functional and non-functional. It doesn’t matter if it has damaged parts, if the battery is bulging or if the screen is broken because any phone has a price and we are willing to pay it. We accept offers from all over the country and we take care of giving you a paid shipping label so you don’t have to invest anything in this project. Once we receive the phone our technicians will evaluate it and decide the value of it. When we have a defined number, we will let you know and offer you payment by PayPal or check.

If you feel you have changed your mind, we will send your phone back to you without any questions or problems. This business was born to take advantage of the massive advance of telecommunications and telephone equipment so that you can get some money from the equipment you are no longer using. In this business, we all win, and at the same time, we contribute to the environment by making effective recycling. Any kind of brand is accepted, even that old iPhone you have in storage because it’s been years since it received the last iO update.

Take advantage of all the opportunities you have, and pay attention to how easy, fast, and simple it is to do this business. You should not think too much about the equipment, because no matter what the conditions are, we are willing to buy it, and we will give you a price based on what you bring us. Again, if you change your mind, you will get your phone back without question, but if you are willing to do business with us you will receive a check with your payment or a transfer via PayPal. We want to do business with you, and we’re waiting for your message.

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